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Calling all weekend warriors! Capture twice the excitement with the ATC Chameleon, the world’s first dual-lens video action camera! Position the two fisheye lenses independently to catch activity within a 180º radius. Record the trail ahead and behind, the wave as it curls around you, the ground below and the plane above as you dive into the blue sky—share all the action and your reaction at the same time! It even syncs the video playback automatically, so you don’t have to edit a thing. It’s double the view, double the fun, without doubling your load!

  • Dual FOV 170º lenses
  • Independently moving dual lens system
  • Built-in heart rate receiver (via a wearable chest belt)
  • Auto-sync split screen @1080p (720p per lens)
  • 180º adjustable shooting angle
  • Fit with ATC mountings
  • Splash-proof
  • Built-in battery with up to two hours of battery life
  • Optional external casing for waterproof up to 60m (sold separately)

One Camera, Two Lenses, No Waiting
Film your adventures from multiple angles at once, with no crews, no extra equipment and no reshoots!
Multiple Angles for Endless Possibilities
Both lenses offer 170º field of view and can be independently positioned to film from different angles!
Share Your Videos Automatically in Sync
Share the thrills right away without fancy editing—playback automatically syncs the video from both lenses!
Hands-free and Hassle-free
Mount it on your helmet, your bike, your board—the ATC Chameleon is fully compatible with all ATC mountings, so you shoot hands-free without having to shell out for extra gear!

Get Wet & Wild
Already splash-proof and ready for the road, the ATC Chameleon can also be fitted in a special waterproof case (sold separately) for underwater adventures!


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