1. What is the picture resolution?
ATC9K action camera captures 3 megapixel and 5 megapixel (user settable) digital images.

2. What is the video resolution?
ATC9K action camera has two video settings; with HD and a Full HD modes: 
* 1080p = 1920x1080 pixels (16:9), 30 fps, ~12 Mbit/s data rate
* 720p = 1280x720 pixels (16:9), 60 fps, ~12 Mbit/s data rate
* 720p = 1280x720 pixels (16:9), 30 fps, ~8 Mbit/s data rate
* WVGA = 848x480 pixels (16:9), 60 fps, ~8Mbit/s data rate

3. What is the video format?
ATC9K action camera records in Quicktime format (.mov) with H.264

4. Why does the ATC9K use .MOV instead of .AVI
.AVI is a mixed file format which makes it difficult to include all of the necessary codecs

5. Does ATC9K action cam with built-in memory?
ATC9K action cam has built in 32MB memory which is for Software use only. It is necessary for users to purchase a memory card before recording.

6. What is the maximum water depth to which you can take the cameras?
You can take the ATC9K action cam to a depth of 20m without extra housing.

7. Can ATC9K action cam be used for diving?
Yes, ATC9K action cam is 20 meter waterproof. By wearing the ATC9K action cam with the head strap mount on your forehead just above the diving mask, you can start recording your underwater journey in high definition.

8. Does the ATC9K float?
ATC9K can't float in water.

9. Is the remote control water resistance up to 20m as well?
The remote control is water resistant but only up to 1 meter.

10. What is the range of the remote control?
The range of the remote control is 3M.

11. When using the IR remote control how can I be sure the camera is recording?
When using the IR remote control we strongly suggest that you turn all LED light, laser pointers and sound indications on – listen out for the beeps to indicate that recording has begun, the laser pointer will light up and the LED will be red. If you can, check with a friend to see if the LED light is red before you embark on that 2 hour adventure!

12. What is the average record time for a memory card with the ATC9K action cam?
The length of recording depends on the settings you’ve chosen on your unit. See the table below for details on recording length by setting – NOTE: these recording times may vary by recording subject or by your environment:
Below is our list of estimated record times with a 32GB memory card:
• 1080p/30fps: 1 GByte can store: 9 min video. 32GB can store 4h48min
• 720p/60fps: 1 GByte can store: 10 min video. 32GB can store 5h20min
• 720p/30fps: 1 GByte can store: 15 min video. 32GB can store 8h
• 848p/60fps: 1 GByte can store: 15 min video. 32GB can store 8h

13. What are the data rates for the recording settings?
See the below for data rates per second:
•1080p @ 30fps : 12mbits/second
•720p @ 60fps : 12mbits/second
•720p @ 30fps : 8mbits/second
•WVGA @ 60fps : 8mbits/second

14. Is there a zoom function?
ATC9K action cam does not have zoom. It has a set focal range with a 130° FOV.

15. Can I record in the standard PAL 25/50 fps rates?
Currently ATC9K action cam will only record at 30 or 60 fps. ATC9K is in HD which means you should use an HDTV to enjoy the videos you’ve recorded – there is no PAL/NTSC differentiation.

16. Can anything be done about contrast issues in excessively bright environment?
ATC9K action cam is designed to automatically adjust white-balance to account for some changes in lighting and contrast, however, is optimized for normal, bright days. Maybe add something in about the different recording scenario settings.

17. How do I adjust the lighting settings on my ATC9K action cam?
Enter the menu to select the setting which best suits the environment you’re in.

18. Why does flickering appear in my videos when I am recording indoors?
You may need to adjust the light frequency in your settings to match with the frequency of the light sources.

19. Can I manually adjust the focus on the ATC9K?
The ATC9K action cam has a fixed focus lens and cannot be manually adjusted. The camera is designed to focus on whatever is in the center of the image screen.

20. Will the ATC9K continuously record and re-record, or does it have a setting that allows it to do that (i.e. delete oldest footage on its memory card so the camera doesn’t stop recording because of a full memory card)?
No, the ATC9K will support up to a 32GB microSD card (Class 4 or higher), but the memory will not continuously record. You will need to delete earlier footage directly on the ATC9K (see manual under “Delete a Video or Photo” for instructions), transfer video to your PC or other device, or use a second SD card for additional recording.

21. How do I know whether the ATC9K action cam is recording or has been switched off?
The ATC9K action cam has a LED indicator on the main body. When the light is in Green colour, it means the recording function is on, when it appears in Red colour, it is power off.

22. Why does my ATC9K not record when the laser pointer is on after I press the video recording button?
This mentioned lapse time is for the adjustment of the camera direction.

23. The sound of my recorded videos is very low. There is no sound in my videos. Why?
Please ensure to increase the volume of the speaker in the volume setting. The ATC9K is specifically designed for extreme sports and is water-resistant. It is for this reason that we have made the microphone less sensitive.

24. Why do drop frames occur during video recording?
Please check and ensure that you are using a class 4 microSD card as suggested. Lower class cards do not operate as fast, and thus unable to record high definition videos.

25. Why is my ATC9K not responding to the remote control?
First of all please check and ensure that your ATC9K is switched on. It may have switched off automatically with the "Auto-Off" setting being turned on. Secondly, please check that there are batteries inserted into the remote control and ensure that those batteries are fully charged. Lastly, since the IR receiver of ATC9K is located just above the lens, you will need to point your remote control directly in front of the lens for it to operate optimally. 

26. Why am I unable to record videos or take photos?
You will need to check if your microSD card is inserted or not. Furthermore, ensure that you microSD card is not write-protected and that the memory is not full. If a SD card error occurs, you will then need to replace it with a new one.>

27. There are black screens that appear when I switch from video to video during selection. Why?
During the time when the TV shows black screens, the ATC9K is reading the video files, therefore the time will be varied depending on the number of video files on the microSD card and the durations of the videos recorded.

28. The GPS and G-Sensor data do not appear on the TV. Why?
Please make sure the "Data Display" settings on the GPS and G-Sensor are set to "Yes". You will need the GPS module, which is sold separately, to receive GPS data.

29. We have Quality Settings for the ATC9K videos (Fine, Good, Normal) – what do these settings change?
The corresponding data rates are different as below: Normal ~10Mbps ; Good ~ 12Mbps ; Fine ~ 15Mbps

30. Can I get a live video output from the ATC9K action cam?
Yes, the ATC9K action camera incorporates with a 1.5” TFT colour display and a built-in speaker. It allows instant play back on the camera. You can also playback recorded videos on PC or TV with the USB / HDMI cables.

31. Can I power the ATC9K action camera through an external power source?
You can recharge the ATC9K action camera with the USB cable and adaptor, or use an optional adaptor to charge it. However, the ATC9K action camera cannot be operated during charging.

32. What kind of batteries does the ATC9K action cam use?
ATC9K kits include a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. The battery is recharged through the USB cable when connected from the camera to a computer or USB wall/car power adapter. The battery pack is designed specifically for use in the ATC9K and the rigorous activities that it is put through.

33. How long will the batteries last? Are replacement batteries available?
You will get approximately up to 1.5 hours of continuous video recording. Cold temperatures will reduce run times somewhat, however the ATC9K action camera helps to minimize this by transferring the normal heat generated during operation towards the battery.
Replacement or spare batteries will be available for purchase in Oregon Scientific websites.
34. How long does it take the battery to charge? Is there another way of charging the battery besides connecting to a computer via USB?
The battery charges to 80% capacity after about 2 hours of charging via USB. Currently the only way to charge batteries is through the ATC9K’s USB port.

35. Is it OK to charge my battery over night?

It is ok to charge your battery overnight. However, we do not recommend consistently overcharging your battery.

36. The LED keeps flashing while the rechargeable battery is charging. Why?
For some special circumstances, the mentioned situation means the rechargeable battery is fully charged.

37. There is an empty compartment above the battery. What is it for?
This compartment is for the GPS module which is sold separately.

38. How do I format or reformat the Micro SD card?
The ATC9K action cam has a SD card reformat pinhole. Just click the hole and you can reformat the SD card directly.

39. Why does myATC9K not play sounds when I press the buttons?
Please make sure that you have not set your volume setting to "0" and that you not activated the privacy mode.

40. Can I mount my ATC9K on a tripod?
Screw the base grip onto the ATC9K. You can attach your tripod to the threaded hole under the grip because it is a “1/4-20” threading standard.

41. What is the max size of the bar the handlebar mount can go on?
What is the max size of the bar the handlebar mount can go on?

42. How can I purchase the ATC9K GPS and extra mounting accessories?
The ATC9K GPS has not been released yet - we expect to launch in July, 2010. The other mounting accessories can be purchased on our Oregon Scientific website (www.oregonscientific.com), or you can sign up for our online newsletter to be notified of the release in specific country.

43. My mount seems a little wobbly, what can I do to stabilize it?
In order to achieve the most stability, make certain that the camera is pushed as far forward in the mount as possible – this will help stabilize the camera. With the goggle mount, make certain the mount is positioned as close to your goggle lens as possible.

44. I have white pixels in my image that don’t go away. What do I do?
Imaging equipment (sensors, monitors, etc.) sometimes experience dead or inactive pixels which remain light or dark at all times, although usually only the lighter dead pixels are visible. If you think your camera has excessive dead pixels, please send an unedited 5 second video clip in a blacked out room to OS technical support. Please include the order number of your camera, your return shipping address and your phone number..

45. Is ATC9K compatible with Windows or Mac OS?
Either. ATC9K action cam is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. You can retrieve to play video clips and photos by using PC Windows 7/ Vista/ XP and Apple Mac OS 10.6 or later.

46. Why are the user profiles in the PC Application password protected?
Since the same ATC9K may be shared among family members who may also share the same computer, different users can have their own preferences and manage their own videos and photos via different accounts.

47. I can't install the PC Application on my Mac computer. Why?
Currently, our application only works with Windows 7, Vista and XP but not with any Apple operating systems at this time

48. After the ATC9K is connected to my PC, my computer can't detect it. Why?
Ensure that each end of the ATC9K USB cable is properly and firmly connected. Also ensure that your USB port is working properly. Try connecting another USB device into the port. If your computer can't detect the other device as well, the USB port may have a malfunction. In this case, contact your system manufacturer or the manufacturer of your USB card.

49. What are the minimum computer system requirements to be able to handle full 1080p or 720p 60fps video files?

For Windows-based computer, we required:
3.0 Ghz Intel Pentium D (dual-core) or faster processor At least 1GB of RAM 64MB or greater video card Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista or
Windows 7 Quicktime 7
For Mac OS X v.10.5 or below:
Dual 2.0 GHz PowerMac G5 or faster Macintosh computer; 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo or faster At least 512MB of RAM 128MB or greater video card Quicktime 7

50. There is no display on the Google Maps. Why?
You will need to have a GPS module, which is sold separately, to capture GPS data. If there is no GPS data, Google Maps will not show up on the map.

51. Why am I unable to play my videos on the TV?
Please ensure that each end of the HDMI cable is properly and firmly connected to your ATC9K and to the television. Make sure the ATC9K and the television are both turned on.

52. I use a PC, what programs can be used to view and edit the videos?
There is custom-made video software for viewing and editing the video taken from ATC9K action cam. It allows viewing the G-force data and your worldwide location capture by the ATC9K GPS sensor while playing the video clips on the screen. You can download the PC software directly from Oregon Scientific ATC website here: http://atc.oregonscientific.com/downloadcenter.html

53. Why is a login necessary for the PC software?
You may not always be signing in from your own computer so a login is necessary to distinguish between the users.

54. Where can I get the firmware update for the ATC9K HD cameras to add or upgrade the setting menu?
Please visit out website at http://atc.oregonscientific.com/downloadcenter.html to upgrade your ATC9K for firmware updates. Download and unzip the new firmware and copy those unzipped files on to your micro SD card. Insert the micro SD card into the ATC9K and it will prompt you for the firmware upgrade. If you want to receive notification about the new firmware, please sign up our e-Newsletter at http://atc.oregonscientific.com for further announcement.

55. I plug my ATC9K action cam into my PC and it is not recognized. What do I do?
First, check to make sure that your memory card is properly inserted in the camera. You may also want to try different USB ports on your computer. If you still have problems, please contact Oregon Scientific support.

56. Can my computer play HD video?
As we say, HD video is beautiful, but not all machines can play it smoothly. We are still dialing in the computer specifications to play HD video smoothly so if you’re watching ATC9K action videos on your computer and they appear a bit choppy, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your camera, your computer is just having a difficult time playing the videos. You can do small things like close all other programs when playing your video, but the best fix is to upgrade your graphics card and RAM so that your computer will be better suited for playing rich HD video.

57. How long is the warranty?
The warranty for the ATC9K action cam is different amongst countries. Please contact the shop that you purchased from, or contact our Oregon Scientific sales offices directly in your home country